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A tray that isn't just for serving snacks or holding paper and paint. It's a canvas for creativity, a stage for learning, and a platform for fun.

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Easy to clean

Whether you're snacking, painting, or playing with slime, the Tivi Tray helps keep the focus on having fun without worrying about the mess! When you're finished, put the Tivi Tray right in the dishwasher for a convenient and hassle-free clean up!

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A catalyst for learning and creativity

Spark your imagination and help bring fun to learning! Explore different colors, textures, and materials through activities like painting, crafting and sensory play. It's a hands-on way to discover new things through art and experimentation.

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Reusable and sustainable

Tivi Trays are designed to be used again and again. By reusing the Tivi Tray for different activities, we're reducing waste and helping the environment. An important step towards a more sustainable future.

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